17 May 2012

Dubrovnik III – The Rector’s Palace and Forts

Knezev dvor
Dubrovnik Rector's Palace

Rector’s Palace (Knezev dvor) The Rector’s Palace, situated text to the Cathedral, used to be the headquarters of the governor of Dubrovnik. It was built in the 15th century, mixing gothic and renaissance styles. The palace houses a museum today.

Fort Bokar
Fort Bokar was built for defence purposes, then it served as a prison. Many of the performances, for example pieces of Shakespeare, are held here.

Fort Lovrijenac
Fort Lovrijenac (also known as Dubrovnik's Gibraltar) hangs almost 40 meters
above the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic.

Fort Lovrijenac

The fort is situated outside the city walls on a 36-metre rock. It used to serve defence purposes, today it hosts cultural events. Construction allegedly took just 3 months to complete around the 14th century.

Fort Minceta
The most massive tower of the old town can be found on the northern part of the city walls. It offers one of the most beautiful views to the city from the highest point of not just the city walls, but the entire old town. It was built in 1319, reinforced and expanded in 1463. The biggest and most beautiful tower of Dubrovnik is the symbol of the town today.