8 Jun 2012

Summer Holidays to Albena

Albena in the northern Black Sea coat in Bulgaria, is a perfect place to spend a luxurious holiday. Albena is one of the purpose built resort towns in Bulgaria where even hotels are constructed to allow receiving the most sunlight possible. Balkan Holidays offer a wide range of summer holidays to Albena throughout the Summer 2012 and summer 2013 seasons.


The resort of Albena is set in a scenic forest bay and has a 150m wide and 6km long white sandy beach. It has been built with families with small children in mind, so the beaches are suitable for all ages. The resort is closed from all transit traffic, so you will feel like being in your own separate park. There is a fixed currency exchange rate in place throughout the resort, with the best rates available from cash machines.

In the southern part of the resort is Baltata National Park, accessible even by boats from the pier in front of Hotel Gergana. Apart from Bulgarian cuisine, lots of other restaurants are available in Albena, such as Mexican, Italian, Cuban and reform eateries. For a night out we can recommend the club called Gorskie Tzar.

Book your summer holiday to Albena today for the perfect summer holiday.


Flamingo hotel, Albena