11 Jun 2012

Visit Pobiti Kamani, the stone forest

When you are on a summer holiday to Varna, it is worth it to make a daytrip to the Pobiti Kamani nearby, a rock formation consisting of stone columns between 5 and 7 meters high and filled with sand. The stones look like they are beaten into the ground, hence their name.

Some of the pillars have amazing shapes that resemble human and animal
figures and faces.

The limestone pillars are clustered into seven groups in an 8km line creating a spectacular phenomenon,  the origin of which is still not exactly known for scientists. Some theories suggest a mineral origin, some others are based on an organic one.

One way or the other, Pobiti Kamani is a natural phenomenon like no other, and it’s just 18km to the west from Varna, so whether you are enjoying your summer holiday to Golden Sands, Albena or Varna, planning an excursion to this stone forest will guarantee an unforgettable experience.