Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Bulgaria Aquaparks - Treat The Kids This Summer!

Going to an Aqua Park must be one of the most universally loved activities for children and a great way to keep cool in the sun. If you want to make it part of your holiday in Sunny Beach then there are several options within easy reach of the resort.

Action Aquapark

Spread over 24,000 square metres, this wonderland of all things water-related has something to suit every member of the family - children and adults alike. The younger kids can benefit from a large shallow pool, but won't be jealous of their older siblings, as it has its own attractions.

These include a wrecked pirate ship with two small slides leading into the oval pool, as well as a lifesize toy crocodile to climb on and three replica turtles. Older kids will no doubt want to get their adrenaline pumping, such as the vertical Kamikaze and the bendy Hydrotube.

Many adults appreciate being able to have a good swim, so the full length pool is particularly popular, but don't be fooled - it holds a secret. A special sound system plays music underwater so you have tunes to keep your pace up. At the end of the day, gather all the family members together and race each other down the four lanes of the Multislide. It's amazing how competitive dads can get!

Aqua Paradise

This is probably the flashiest of all the Aqua Parks in the Balkans and the biggest. There are over 40 attractions in a 46,000 square metre space, including a large castle, from which many of the slides emerge and disappear.

Some of these snake and wind all over the park, giving a great bird's eye view of the surroundings, while others are completely dark or decorated in a zebra print pattern.

Smaller Aqua Parks

There are also two smaller Aqua Parks in the very heart of Sunny Beach that are cheaper. They have fewer of the high profile fast flowing rides, but could be good for younger children.

One is the Kuban Aqua Park in the gardens of the Hotel Kuban and the other is the Pirates of the Caribbean Mini Aqua Park, which can be found within the vicinity of the Hotel Kotva.

Other Aqua Parks in Bulgaria

In addition to these fantastic Aqua Parks in Sunny Beach, a number of other popular Bulgarian holiday resorts are also home to some brilliant Aqua Parks including:

Aquapolis in Golden Sands (northern Bulgaria)
Attraction Park 'Aquapolis' is considered the most beautiful Aqua Park in Eastern Europe.

Aqua Paradise in Nessebar (southern Bulgaria)
This paradise is situated on area of 30 000 sq. km. to the west of the seaside resort Nessebar.

Atlantida Aquapark in Elenite (southern Bulgaria)
Located in the Holiday Village of Elenite. Free Entrance for residents of Elenite. Non Residents can pay locally.

Aquapark Aquamania in Albena (northern Bulgaria)
This truly magical Aqua Park is located in the western part of the Albena resort between Variety Casino and the Hotel Ralitsa, covering an area of about 30 acres within the park area. Aquapark Aquamania features a variety of high quality water slides including the family adventure and family thrill Mammoth, The Plummet, 4 Lane ProRacer & Kidz Zone. Free entrance to the Aquapark Aquamania is included for guests to the resort staying at selected hotels, food and drinks are at local charge.

Kids love Aqua Parks and Bulgaria has a great selection to choose from. Secure your next summer 2015 or 2016 holiday to Bulgaria now by visiting our website.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Which type of holidaymaker are you?

"The Adventureman" - He considers himself cut from the same (waterproof) cloth as Bear Grylls and his adverturous ilk. With his Gortex coat, zip off trousers and money belt, he's prepared for any eventuality - You never know when you might chance across a poisonous snake or quicksand on a city break in Brussels...

"The (Anti)Social Media Enthusiast" - With an iPad under the arm, a camera around their neck, a phone in their pocket and a veritable arsenal of chargers, their main goal of the holiday: share EVERYTHING. Even if it means, well, missing out on some of the actual experience. They'll be reliving it through those 200 sunset pictures anyway. Holiday slideshow anyone?

"The British Lobster" - What's red, white and blue and smells like eggs and bacon? That'd be your classic British Lobster; the burned chap in the Union Jack swim shorts and the healthy appetite for all things Blighty. He can appreciate a good sangria, ta very much, and the sunshine isn't half bad, but even 30 degree heat won't keep him from his daily English brekkie.

"The High Maintenance Girl" - She wears heels to the beach, takes a wheelie case on a backpacking trip to Asia and half her luggage allowance is taken up by 'essential' beauty products plus curlers, straighteners and a volume diffuser. After all, looking glam is a full time job and she's not taking ANY time off - even on, well, her time off!

"The Honeymooners" - Think great love affairs, Johnny and June, Romeo and Juliet, Barbie and Ken and... the honeymooners. We're all really happy they've found each other. Really. But do they have to smugly feed each other heart-shaped slices of pineapple off the breakfast buffet?

"The Lads On Tour" - Usually trailed by an aromatic bouquet of beer, sweat and three-day-old hangover and as noisy as Saturday at Stamford Bridge, these boys have one obvious objective for their holiday - and it's not visiting ancient monuments. After all, seeing actual sunshine is an optional extra when there are 50p shots of Jagermeister to be pulverized nightly on the strip. 1-2-3-LADS!

"The Lilo Loafer" - They've booked their all inclusive holiday at their favourite resort and come hell or high water, they're getting their money's worth. The closest they get to adventure on holiday is replacing their usual mojito with a raspberry daiquiri. By the end of the holiday, their favourite sun lounger needs its own getaway to recover from the constant pressure.

"Mr Off The Beaten Track" - If it's not the most offbeat local joint in the wrong part of town, then this guy does NOT want to know about it. He considers the use of guide books a hideous crime against his maverick spirit and if he had a penny for every time he uttered the words 'oh, I know this great little place', he'd be able to buy at least twenty bottles of locally brewed craft beer. If that wasn't so predictable.

Whichever type of holidaymaker you are, you will be sure to find the ideal holiday to suit your needs with Balkan Holidays. Visit our website today and find out why we are the leading specialists of holidays to Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro for over 49 years.

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Introducing FairFX MasterCard - the smarter way to take control of your money abroad!

Balkan Holidays have partnered with FairFX to help you take control of your money and family spending when you are abroad. Do you know most banks and credit card companies charge an extra 2.75% on every international purchase you make? To help you spend less on these charges Balkan Holidays have partnered with FairFX who charge only 1.4%. You can top-up online before you travel using FairFX’s website, mobile app or SMS, then just use your FairFX card in shops, hotels and restaurants displaying the MasterCard acceptance mark or withdraw cash from ATMs.

Why should I get one?
  •     The card is FREE for Balkan Holidays customers (usual fee is £9.95)
  •     Convenient to use - just load and spend
  •     Manage your FairFX MasterCard from your mobile phone
  •     Use it anywhere where you see the MasterCard logo 

What are customers saying?

"The FairFX card was very convenient and easy to use"
"Good website and easy to top up"
"We chose the card to avoid carrying too much cash for a 6 week trip"
"I purchased my currency card after seeing the rate"

To find out more details and get your FairFX MasterCard just click here.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Join The Fun With Mr Bear's Kids Club!

Looking for a summer holiday where you can relax completely while your children are engaged in fun and exciting activities in a safe environment? Mr. Bears Kids Club in Sunny Beach might be that one thing that puts your mind at ease this summer!
With Mr. Bear's Club your kids will never get bored on your holiday.

Our Mr Bears kids’ clubs create safe, happy places for children to make new friends, learn new skills and, most importantly, to play. With a sign in/sign out policy you can be sure of your children’s safety at all times.

Mr Bear's Kids Club is based at Hotel Fenix, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria and it is open to all Balkan Holidays children, regardless of which hotel or apartment you are staying in. It is split into, two age groups, between 4-7 years “the cubbs” and 8-12 years “the bears”. The Club is FREE, however additional charges may apply for a limited number of activities.
With activities 5 days a week, 4 hours a day, Mr. Bear's Club is definitely not to be missed!

Time to get creative!

Below is a weekly schedule example of our Kids Club summer fun.

On Monday morning we enjoy various arts & crafts with paper mache, sculpting and painting. Outdoor games will be organised in the afternoon, including football, dodge ball and more.

On Tuesday, your kids can design their own T-shirts and paint them with 3D paint. T-shirts are charged at 10 Lev. In the afternoon an exciting quiz show begins to learn about the world and to find the winner of the day.

Wednesday morning is the time for garden games, such as cricket, garden Ludo, tennis and other ball games. Movie and popcorn provide the entertainment in the afternoon as the kids watch the film of their choice on comfortable bean bags.

Arts and crafts session awaits on Friday, where your kids can make their special bracelets and there is a chance for face painting as well to surprise mom and dad in the evening! In the afternoon we make our own souvenirs for the family at home.

On Saturday there is a choice between a full day Family Picnic in the village of Erkech, and activities in the resort. On the daytrip we learn about local culture, travel on horse and carts and learn how lemonade used to be made, then enjoy a picnic in the meadow.

In the resort, Saturday is the day of drama: kids make their masks and then tell a story on stage. The dance floor will be open in the afternoon for some dancing fun and music.

On Sunday morning a team quiz will test the combined knowledge of the teams, and then in the afternoon a ten pin bowling competition starts to find the best bowler in resort. This activity costs 15 Lev.

Surprise mom and dad in the evening with face paint!

reps also attend the Sun and Fun Pirates Cruise so if you were looking to take some time out and soak up the sun, the Balkan Holidays Kids Club team are on hand to take care of the little ones for you.

Book a
summer holiday to Bulgaria in the vicinity of our Kids Club in Sunny Beach resort and your kids will be guaranteed action, activity and adventure and a family holiday in Bulgaria they won't forget.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

5 Fun and Crazy Skiing World Records

When it comes to winter sports, sometimes going up and down the slopes simply isn't enough for some individuals. Whether it was by accident or on purpose, these individuals have given us some of the most unbelievable world records around and it is in this article where we will highlight five of these record-breaking achievements for your reading pleasure...
1. Most Fingertip Pull-Ups While Wearing Skis
On the 21st December 2013 in Big Bear, California, ski enthuasist Andreas Weaver set the record for the most fingertip pull-ups while wearing skis when he set a record of 13 during a holiday to improvise a workout while skiing.

Check out Andreas setting the record here
2. Most Countries Skiied in 20 days
On March 21, 2014 in Riddarholmen, Stockholm, Jamie Stevenson set the record for the most countries skiied in 20 days in order to raise money for Disability Snowsport UK. Covering most of Europe, Jamie even skiied in Spain during the challenge.

You can watch each day of Jamie's record here
3. Most Vertical Feet Skied Uphill In 24 Hours (Female)

Dina Mishev climbed 34,546 feet in 24 hours, a new world record. Using climbing skins, she repeatedly trekked up a 1502-foot trail, checking in with officials at the top off the trail, before skiing down and checking in with officials at the bottom. She did this 23 times in 24 hours. The record was set on February 8, 2009 during the 24 Hour Sunlight Challenge at the Sunlight Mountain Resort in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

4. Longest Time To Ski On One Foot

On Mars Hill in North Carolina on January 8, 2008, experienced skiier Alex Kleinschmidt set a new world record using only one ski for 25.1 seconds. As most of us struggle to stay up on two feet, this record is certainly worthy of the praise it receives.

Check out Alex's record breaking video here

5. Most Consecutive Days Skiing

Paul Schipper's skiing "streak" began in 1981 at age 57 and continued through until 2005 at age 81. He skied every single day that Sugarloaf ski resort in Carrabassett, Maine was open for 3,903 consecutive days. He skied through bouts of cancer, pneumonia and near blindness in one eye. Sadly Paul Schipper, known as "The Ironman of Skiing" died on February 16, 2009 at age 85. Sugarloaf named a trail in his honor on April 4, 2005, by calling a section of the famous Narrow Gauge Trail as “Schipper’s Streak".

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Two Sides of Bulgaria's Heavy Snowfall

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! When the forecasters predicted a fantastic ski season for the Eastern European region back in November, no one knew for sure just how much of the white stuff was actually going to fall and when. Having already been a fairly good ski season for the Bulgarian resorts of Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo, mother nature decided to deliver a phenominal amount of snow across the resorts this week, which was beyond every skier and snowboarder's wildest dreams. 

Since Friday, March 6th the snow has continued to fall in huge amounts across much of the country layering up to 3.5m of snow on the slopes of Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo creating superb skiing conditions for those in resort. According to our latest reports the snow is continuing to fall and is expected to keep falling until Sunday, 15th March.

Whilst this is welcome news for many tourists seeking a great value last minute holiday in one of Bulgaria's premier ski resorts, a thought must be spared for the thousands of Bulgarians whose towns and cities are not as thankful for the snow and are currently having to deal with a number of emergency situations. Our thoughts are with those who have been affected by the snow conditions and we would like to voice our appreciation to the many teams of emergency workers aiding and assisting the locals as they deal with the situation.

If you're heading off to Bulgaria skiing this week, please take care on the slopes and enjoy your time in the snow but please do not go off piste as there is a significant risk of avalanches due to the snowfall.

Here are some pics of the recent snowfall in Bansko and Pamporovo plus a superb short slow motion video of Borovets:

Holidaymakers walk through a tunnel dug in the Bansko snow

Bansko resort has seen up to 3.5m of snowfall this week

A holidaymaker in Pamporovo is covered waist high in snow

These cars in Pamporovo do not look like they're going anywhere


3 reasons to put Montenegro on your to do list

There's a lot to love about the country of Montenegro, the very name of which sounds as though it has come straight from a fantasy novel. Find out why we think it's one of the most magical places on Earth.

1. Because some of the colours here don't exist anywhere else

Sometimes there's a vibrancy to a green that can only be described as emerald, or a flair to a red that more closely resembles crimson. Throughout Montenegro's wild gorse-coloured mountains, Adriatic beaches and enticing cities, you'll find aquatic blue waters, vibrant violet flowers and terracotta orange roofs. Everywhere you look, there are incredible hues, spectrums and sights - this is a photographer's dream.

2. Because there is much to be done here

Despite being less than half the size of Wales (the country, not the sea creature), Montenegro certainly packs a lot in. Deciding where to start is likely to be your biggest problem. With a landscape that plunges and soars like a drunken dragonfly, there are plenty of adrenaline-inducing experiences abound. White water rafting through the Durmitor national park is certainly a highlight - the narrow free-flowing valley is fringed with stunning trees of exactly the shade of emerald we mentioned earlier. Then there are glittering beaches to lie on, unique cities to explore and a one-of-a-kind culture to experience. One thing is certain - you won't be bored here.

3. Because the beaches are worth the flight alone

Spectacular stretches of coastline are something of a trademark for Montenegro. The resorts of Budva, Petrovac, Sveti Stefan and Becici attest to this in terms of extraordinary beauty - picture stunning white sand shelving away into a clear-turquoise ocean. Lying here, surrounded by nature and yet catered for by the modern amenities of a modern resort town, you'll feel completely at ease with yourself and the world - which is surely the best feeling a holiday can give you.

Find out more about our range of Montenegro Holidays or book by visiting our Montenegro Holidays page.