Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Borovets: The Best Apres Ski In Bulgaria...?

When it comes to nightlife and apres ski, there is one Bulgarian resort that stands out above all the others. Of course, we're talking about the incredible Borovets, which deserves a gold medal for its nightlife alone. The resort is particularly popular with younger skiers and especially stag dos and hen parties. Bring on the party and we'll find out why exactly.

Join a bar crawl

You've just arrived in Borovets and spent your first day on the slopes. Your legs are aching, but that shouldn't stop you from joining a bar crawl. It's good to get your bearings and meet people as quickly as possible - this is the best way of doing this. Bar crawls are popular in Borovets and you'll soon make plenty of friends over a cheeky rakia or three. Most of these events either start or finish at Buzz Bar, the most well-known of Borovets' drinking venues.

Experience variety

One of the best things about going out in Borovets is the sheer variety on offer. Modern bars serving up beers from across the world rub shoulders with traditional Bulgarian venues that offer the best in local beverages. Starting the night at one type of bar and finishing in another presents an enjoyable experience.

Night skiing

If you'd rather hit the hill than the bar, Borovets caters for those who wish to ski under the nights sky before joining the fun after a little bit of sport in the crisp mountain air. Runs are illuminated either side by strong lights that help to guide your way - they're open until 10pm, after which time it is perfectly acceptable to hit the dance floor.


Apres ski isn't just about the nightlife, and if you fancy a cheeky pamper in the spa, you're more than welcome. Kneipp baths, various saunas and steam rooms are particularly popular with skiers looking to loosen their muscles before the dancing commences.

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Could This Be The Perfect Day In Golden Sands?

Idyllic sands, plenty to do and personality aplomb, it really is no wonder Golden Sands is such a popular option for those seeking summer holidays in Bulgaria. So how would your perfect day here go? We've put our own one together in case you're seeking a bit of inspiration.


As the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the morning. Bulgarian cuisine is renowned for using fresh ingredients and a simple but well-done approach. A favourite breakfast of the country is banitsa, a dough filled with various fillings that might include cheese, spinach, rice and meat, but the joy of staying in Golden Sands is that you will find a wide variety of cafes and eateries serving up croissants, cereal and anything else you can think of.

A morning of historical exploration

Seize the day and start with a morning of culture and history by heading to the Aladzha Monastery. It's an extensive complex - there are two churches, a chapel, cellars, dining room and more for you to explore. Accessing the monastery requires a short trek through the protected forest area adjacent to Golden Sands itself - a pleasant walk which should build your appetite a bit before you return to the resort for lunch.

Seaside fun

The legend behind Golden Sands claims that pirates used the area to hide stolen booty, until one day the land took revenge on them by transforming the gold into sand. They must have stolen a lot of treasure over the years - Golden Sands' beach stretches for almost four kilometres and is 100 metres wide in places. Grab a book and chill on the beach or, if you prefer a more energetic afternoon, indulge in a watersport on the azure waves.

Relax in the evening

The fun doesn't stop as the sun goes down, either. Golden Sands has one of the most active nightlifes of the Bulgarian resorts, with a plethora of clubs and bars. Our perfect day would certainly include a visit to the award-winning Golden Sands Restaurant for dinner before finishing with a cheeky drink at Mercedes Bar - if we aren't worn out by all that lazing around on the beach, that is!

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Five Reasons Why Skiing in Bansko is Unforgettable

Nothing quite compares to slicing your way down the mountainside on your skis, admiring the stellar views and getting a serious adrenaline rush at the same time. Quite frankly, there's no better place to do it than Bansko, widely considered to be Bulgaria's most modern ski resort. Here are five reasons why it's the best place to be if you're into the sport.


Situated as it is at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, you're lucky to have a whole UNESCO World Heritage Site to explore at your leisure. Bulgaria's landscape is at its wildest here, and you're bound to be impressed with the local scenery, which looks as though Mother Nature really decided to let her hair down and enjoy herself.

Modern touches

The modern touches make skiing here better than ever, with the resort's new ski lifts, hotels and other fantastic facilities winning international acclaim. You can be sure of being completely comfortable while also being able to get hold of the most up-to-date equipment during your stay here. Bring on the pistes!

Apres ski

Nestled amongst the beautiful cobbled streets of the resort, you'll find hundreds of little bars and restaurants serving up their own brand of party atmosphere. They're uniquely Bulgarian and often referred to as 'mehana', even by international visitors. Party with the best of them late into the night as you enjoy Bansko's lively apres ski culture.


Despite being internationally raved about, Bansko somehow manages to remain one of the cheapest resorts in the world for a sport that is notoriously expensive. You'll get the best equipment, accommodation and overall experience for the best price - a win-win situation.

The pistes

It wouldn't be worth turning up to Bansko for all this if it didn't have excellent slopes as well. Luckily, the resort excels expectations, with more than 70km of fast-paced piste that will put you through your paces. There are options for beginners, intermediates and advanced skiers, so there really is no excuse not to give this amazing sport a try in an amazing destination.

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Balkan Holidays offer unbeatable last minute ski deals to Bansko starting from only £203pp. To find out more or to book your ski holiday to Bulgaria click here. - See more at:

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

4 Reasons Why You'll Love A Holiday To Croatia

Few places are as mind-numbingly unforgettable and extraordinary as Croatia. A journey here isn't something you're likely to forget in a lifetime (or three), and if you're looking for proof, here are our reasons below.

1. Follow in the footsteps of the Starks and Lannisters

There are lots of reasons to visit Croatia, but judging by recent press releases from the nation's tourism office, this will be number one for many of the people flying to Dubrovnik this summer. Unless you've been living with your head underneath a rock for the past half a decade, you'll know this is one of the stunning shooting locations for the immeasurably popular TV series Game of Thrones. Wandering the beautiful cobbled streets of this stunning city, it's easy to imagine training your own Direwolf here or trekking to the fictional region of Qarth (incidentally filmed at the island of Lokrum and the Dubac Quarry located near to the city).

2. Food that is out of this world

Have you ever had salad so fresh it tastes as though it's only just been removed from the soil? What about goulash so glutinous and gloopy it practically massages your throat as it slides into the stomach? And seafood so inventively prepared - sea spider salad anyone? - that you'll be begging the chef for the recipe before you leave the restaurant? Croatian cuisine is, simply put, mindblowing.

3. Landscapes that will leave your breathless

Ever seen a photo of Zlatni Rat in Bol? Enough said, in our books.

4. Towns and Cities that love to have fun

You know you're in for a good time when you travel somewhere that has festivals about folklore, pirates, klapa music, folk music, the pop scene and many more. Beyond this special celebrations, there are exciting nightlife centres - particularly in Dubrovnik and Split - that are well worth a nosy.

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Let Balkan Holidays treat you to an experience of the senses this summer with a holiday to Croatia starting from just £343pp. Visit our holidays to Croatia website today for more info or to book. - See more at:
Let Balkan Holidays treat you to an experience of the senses this summer with a holiday to Croatia starting from just £343pp. Visit our holidays to Croatia website today for more info or to book. - See more at:

Skiing in Bulgaria: Which Resort?

When it comes to skiing in Bulgaria, you may well be bowled over by the level of choice. Three major resorts stand out - but which one should you opt for? While Borovets, Bansko and Pamporovo all make efforts to cater to all visitors, they all have unique aspects that may do well in enhancing your holiday. Take a look below and see if you have an easier time making up your mind.


Perhaps the best-known of the three, Bansko has attained international acclaim for its ultra-modern facilities and incredible 70km of invigorating slopes. But despite its popularity, it manages to retain its small-town atmosphere, which is charming in itself. Where the pistes themselves are concerned, it's a good all-rounder, catering for the beginners and intermediates, as well as those adrenaline-hungry black run hoggers. Its reputation means that it attracts great instructors from across Europe.


If there's a certain aspect to the ski lifestyle that Borovets is particularly known for, it is most definitely the nightlife. The apres ski here is the best you can get, with a plethora of bars just begging to be discovered. Start your night at Buzz Bar where you can enjoy a traditional Bulgarian beer and an international atmosphere before getting your groove on in a nearby club. The skiing itself is also good - beginners and intermediates are likely to be particularly impressed with the variety of runs.


If you come away from the spectacular slopes of Pamporovo and haven't been touched by the stunning scenery, then you're not human. The sheer splendour of the surrounding mountains is genuinely jaw-dropping, with everything covered by a soft layer of glittering snow. As you strap on your skis, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you're about to go through some pretty heart-racing runs - indeed, these are some of the most challenging slopes in Bulgaria, with those loving a challeng
e are likely to be very satisfied by the number of red and black pistes. Good luck! You're going to need it.

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Top activities to do in Sunny Beach

When it comes to enjoying your time in Bulgaria, you won't be disappointed by what Sunny Beach has to offer. From adrenaline-inducing thrills to super-relaxing activities, there is something to please everyone at this picture-perfect holiday resort. Here are some of our favourites.

Outdoor Karting

Not even a mile away from Sunny Beach's vibrant centre, you'll find a karting track surrounded by the beautiful Bulgarian countryside. It loops and gybes, with thrilling long straights and nerve-wracking curves. Great for families, friends and everyone else.

Sunny Beach Paintballing

Embrace the team camaraderie required by paintballers to be successful in their goals. If you've had one too many days on the beach and are aching for some excitement, this can be the perfect activity. Use strategy and intelligence to outwit your opponents.

Action Aquapark

Kids and adults will be in agreement that there are few things more enjoyable than an aquapark. Dive in for a swim in the pool. Rocket through the slides on a two-man boat before crashing into the water at the other end. Or just relax in the quiet pool while working on your tan.

The Beach

After all, we couldn't talk about Sunny Beach and not mention the main attraction. The local coastline is stunning. At either end of the bay, rough and ragged rocks give way to a splendid stretch of sand that scythes across the ocean. Pull up a chair and allow all your worries to float away on the gentle breeze. Perfect.


Sunny Beach has got plenty of decent nightlife hotspots, giving you ample opportunity to dance the night away should you feel like it. Many are located near popular drinking spots and restaurants, meaning you won't need to walk far from where you've been eating or drinking. Under the strobe lights, you'll hear the latest songs played by superstar DJs as you let your feet move with the rhythm.

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Rakia: An introduction

You've arrived in Bulgaria, found your resort and unpacked your things. Now you're just sitting down to enjoy your first proper meal in this incredible country when you spot the word 'rakia' on the menu. You are in for a treat, my friend. Here are some reasons why we think you will adore this very special alcoholic drink.

It's never the same...

Rakia is an umbrella term for a delicious fruit brandy that is enjoyed across eastern Europe, but don't be fooled. While the fundamental nature of the drink remains the same, tastes, fruits and even the length of fermentation vary wildly. For example, the rakia you drink in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, and what you consume in Dubrovnik, Croatia, might taste completely different. In Bulgaria, grape rakia is the most common, although keep an eye out for Slivovitza, which is rakia made from plums. In Croatia, however, anything goes and you might find the beverage made out of anything from truffles and olives to apples and pears.

It's homemade...

It is not uncommon for restaurants and families to brew their own rakia - something that unites Croatia and Bulgaria. This only adds to the possible varieties of the drink, with some people preferring to create stronger or clearer vintages than others. If you were to ask someone who brews the best rakia, they would be united in their answer: "I do."

There is an etiquette around drinking...

Be sure to observe the etiquette of the country you're in. In Bulgaria, the 'cheers' is perhaps the most essential part. It is important to wait before this moment to start drinking, and don't take a sip until you've made contact with everyone in the group. You may also find it is regularly served as an accompaniment to salad. In Croatia, things are a little less formal. Glasses of rakia are passed around the table, acting as a social lubricant and inspiring conversation. Remember - if the drink burns your throat as it goes down, it's a bad one. If it burns your chest, it's a good one.